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Thai Cement Manufacturers Association:

  2018: TCMA Activities Report

  2018: Code of Ethics, Thai Cement Manufacturers Association (Dec, 2018)

  2017: TCMA Policy&Guide Comply with Competition Act B.E.2560

  2016: TCMA Biennial Report

  2014: TCMA Biennial Report

  2012: TCMA Biennial Report

  2010: TCMA Biennial Report

  2008: TCMA Biennial Report

  2006: TCMA Biennial Report



Mining and Mineral Resources:

  2018: Trip Study "Restroration Mining Land" at Lampang Province (15-16 November 2018) (ฺHand Book)

  2018: Thailand Green & Smart Mining Forum 2018

  2018: ‘Khaowong Model’: Cement Quarry Management for Maximum Resources Utilization

  2017: MINERALS ACT, B.E. 2560





  2018: TCMA 19th Technical Workshop and Exhibition (21 September 2018) (HandBook)

  2018: AFCM 25th Techical Symposium & Exhibition Proceedings

  2017: TCMA 18th Technical Workshop and Exhibition HandBook

  2017: TCMA 18th Technical Workshop and Exhibition





Standard and Conformance:





Occupational, Health and Safety:

  2013: WBCSD Safety in the Cement Industry: Guidelines for measuring and reporting

  2009: WBCSD Recommended Good Practice for Driving Safety

  2009: WBCSD Recommended Good Practice for Contractor Safety






  2019: Go Green with Hydraulic Cement (Revised 3: October, 2019) (Booklet)

  2018: Seminar on Cement Industry Mechanism for GHG Reduction (7 December 2018) (ฺHand Book)

  TCMA Co-Processing of Waste Material in Cement Kilns





Cement Partnership Project:





International Cooperation:





Other Interested Publications: