Strong Action of DPT in Contribution to Thailand NDC Roadmap

April 7, 2021: Department of Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning (DPT), Ministry of Interior has released new version of DPT Standard on Specification of Construction Materials for Building Structure Work, known as DPT Standard 1101-2564 to DPT Standard 1106-2564. ‘Hydraulic Cement’ is listed in this standard for government construction works. This is DPT strong determination and action in contribution to Thailand NDC Roadmap in achieving target of greenhouse gas emission reduction in Industrial Processes and Product Use (IPPU) Sector-Clinker Substitution.

Memorandum of Understanding “The Integrated Collaboration on Climate Change for Thailand Achieving Target of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction-Industrial Processes and Product Use (IPPU) Sector: Clinker Substitution” is collaboration among 5 ministries and 16 organizations from public, professional, industry and academic sectors with aimed to attain the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from measures of clinker substitution not less than 300,000 tons CO2 within the year 2022 by promoting, supporting and increasing the use of standard and environmental friendly cement-so called ‘Hydraulic Cement’ to help reducing the CO2 emission.