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Knowledge Update on Technology Trends for Cement Production Towards Sustainability

September 25-26, 2019: Professionals and engineers of leading Thai cement manufacturers, who are members of Thai Cement Manufacturers Association (TCMA) received knowledge update on technology trends for cement production towards sustainability through technical paper presentation, which cover wide range of interesting technology for cement production process i.e. crushing, alternative fuels for material handling system, innovation in air pollution control, emission reduction technology, digitalization for sustainable productivity, technology for packing and dispatching, trends of the handling and storage, etc. during 2 days event of TCMA 20th Technical Workshop and Exhibition, hosted by TCMA.

TCMA Technical Workshop and Exhibition is a flagship activity, initiated by Working Committee on Technical since 1998. Technical workshop in parallel with exhibition will be organized for participating of professionals and engineers from leading Thai cement manufacturers, who are member of TCMA and leading technology companies around the world for cement industry to ensure that cement industry as a primary industry for basic infrastructure of the country development, is environmentally friendly industry and leads towards sustainable development.