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TPI Polene Public Company Limited

TPI Polene Public Company Limited

Founded 1987
Head Office No. 26/56, Chan Tat Mai Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Tel. (66) 2213 1039, (66) 2285 5090  Fax. (66) 2213 1035, (66) 2213 1038
Website www.tpipolene.co.th

Saraburi Plant

Address No. 299, Moo 5, Mittraphap Road Km.134, Tabkwang Sub-District, Kaeng Koei District, Saraburi 18260
Tel. (66) 3633 9111  Fax. (66) 3633 9228-30

Production Capacity Cement 13,000,000 Tons/Year Clinker 33,500 Tons/Day
Type of Process Dry Process
Number of Kiln 4 kilns

Types and Brands of Cement Production
Mixed Cement (TPI Green, TPI 197, TPI 199)
Mixed Cement special (TPI Green Super 40 kg.)
Masonry Cement (TPI 198 Brand, TPI Green Plus)
Portland Cement Special (TPI Red Super 40 kg.)
Portland Cement Type I (TPI Red Brand)
Portland Cement Hydrolic Cement (TPI 299)
Portland Cement Type III (TPI Black Brand)
Portland Cement Type V (TPI Blue Brand)
Oil Well Cement Class G : Type HSR
Color Render Mortar
Floor Hardener (M99)
Plastering Mortar (M100, M100C, M103, M200, M209, M210, M250)
Masonry Mortar (M300, M309, M310, M319)
Mortar Floor Screed (M400, M409, M410)
Dry Concrete (M401, M402, M403, M404)
Marine Dry Concrete with Sulfate Resistant (M401S, M402S, M403S, M404S)
Adhesive Mortar (M500, M501, M502, M503, M509)
Color Shade Tile Grout (M550, M551, M552)
Multi-Purpose Repair Mortar (DIY) (M600, M680)
Skim Coat (M650, M650F, M650FW, M650P, M650W, M651)
Super Asphalt (M609)
Specific Purpose Mortar (M220, M220B, M601, , M611, M612, M670, M671, M700, M900)
TPI Super Armour Nano Paint (NP100S, NP100SW, NP101, NP101M, NP101S, NP102, NP103, NP104, NP110, NP200, NP300, NP301, NP301P, NP302, NP303, NP900, NP901, Clearcoat)