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Siam City Cement Public Company Limited

Siam City Cement Public Company Limited

Founded 1969
Head Office Column Tower, 3rd, 10th – 12th Floor, No. 199, Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel. (66) 2797 7000  Fax. (66) 2797 7788
Website www.siamcitycement.com

Saraburi Plant

Address No. 99, Moo 9 and No. 219, Moo 5, Mittraphap Road Km.129-131, Tabkwang Sub-District, Kaeng Koei District, Saraburi 18260
Tel. (66) 3624 0930  Fax. (66) 3622 1931

Production Capacity Cement 14,784,000 Tons/Year Clinker 38,500 Tons/Day
Type of Process Dry Process
Number of Kiln 6 kilns

Types and Brands of Cement Production
Mixed Cement (INSEE Dang)
Masonry Cement (INSEE Tong)
Portland Cement Type I (INSEE Petch)
Portland Cement Type III (INSEE Dum)
General Mixed Cement (INSEE Poon Keaw)
Concentrated Mixed Cement (INSEE Super)
Hydraulic cement Type GU (INSEE Petch Plus)
General Plastering Mortar (INSEE Mortar 11)
Fine Plastering Mortar (INSEE Mortar 12)
Lightweight Block Plastering Mortar (INSEE Mortar 13)
Concrete Plastering Mortar (INSEE Mortar 15)
Skim Coat Grey (INSEE Mortar 16G)
Skim Coat White (INSEE Mortar 16W)
Normal Bricklaying Mortar (INSEE Mortar 21)
Lightweight Block Bricklaying Mortar (INSEE Mortar 23)
Floor Leveling Mortar (INSEE Mortar 31)
Easy Floor Screed (INSEE Mortar 32)
Floor Hardener (INSEE Mortar 36)
Cementitious Tile Adhesive for General Tile (INSEE Mortar 41 (INSEE TileFix Pro))
Cementitious Tile Adhesive for large tiles (INSEE Mortar 42 (INSEE TileFix Plus))
Premium Tile Adhesive for Tile on Tile Application (INSEE Mortar 43 (INSEE TileFix Premium))
Dry Concrete 240 Ksc (INSEE Mortar 52)
Dry Concrete 280 Ksc (INSEE Mortar 53)
Single component flexible cement based waterproof coating (INSEE Mortar 61 – Flexshield)
2-part flexible cementitious waterproof coating (INSEE Mortar 62 - Flex Proof)
Precast Joint Non- Shrink Grout (INSEE Mortar 70)
General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout (INSEE Mortar 71)
High Compressive Strength Non-Shrink Grout (INSEE Mortar 72)
Tile grout for gaps size 1-7mm (INSEE Tile Grout GUARD)
White Portland Cement   (INSEE 91)